Beauty Pageant

Sending an Indonesian girl to participate in the world beauty pageant always gives rise to controversy. But, several times, Yayasan Putri Indonesia insist on sending Miss Indonesia to Miss Universe competition. Is taking part in this beauty pageant still right for this time?

Some people consider that this competition is not in line with Indonesian culture, where people of Indonesia use eastern culture, which means that manners is the priority. In fact, in this contest is called the session a swimsuit contest. .So each contestant was required to wear swimsuits, while walking through a catwalk. And that’s what most Indonesian people are concerned about. Moreover, it’s still extremely unacceptable in Indonesian culture.

But other claim that looking beyond the commercial aspect of the event, Miss Universe possesses the righteous mission of opening the eyes of others to the problems in the world. What Yayasan Putri Indonesia is doing should be appreciated as a step toward putting Indonesia on the international stage in a positive manner instead of for terrorism and corruption. Moreover, it can also promote the tourism spot of Indonesia.

Taking part in the Miss Universe contest for Indonesian girls is good as long as we think that it’s good. But because of the controversy, taking part in it is still not the right time at this moment.

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