Only a Drop of His Blood

One time there was a husband and wife who were planning to go to a church service. But, unfortunately, in the middle of the road, they have an accident, when she was seven months pregnant. The man suffered injuries light enough. But not with his wife. She lost much blood through her head that hit the road hard, while her right hand broken by trying to protect a child in her womb.

But suddenly, a golden yellow car came to them and gave aid and brought her to the hospital. Having arrived at the hospital, when the man wanted to say thanks, it seems that motorists have disappeared anywhere.

In the meantime, she immediately put into the emergency room. She was convicted by a doctor that she needed six blood donors to be operated on. When it was very hard to find blood donors enough.

That night, at a critical moment, she prayed and cried, “Father, a little drop of Your blood will be sufficient.”

The next day, the doctor examined her. Meanwhile, the man was desperate, he did not get a single blood donor. However, when the doctor came out of the room and saw the husband of the woman, he said: “I do not know why, but her blood was sufficient to perform the operation.”

One problem had been done that day. But, there was still other thing. When the woman had been allowed to go home, they did not have sufficient funds to pay all required fees.

All of their belongings had been sold, including their wedding rings, but still not enough. They also prayed, “Lord three days of Easter day, we have to go home before Easter. Because we want to celebrate Your resurrection. “

Some time later, a friend brought them an envelope of money that its contents exactly as they should pay.

Easter Day had arrived. They testified in front of the congregation about what they have experienced. The entire congregation was touched by the love of the Lord Jesus as they heard it.

And it was about my parents. And if it was not because of God’s love to me, maybe me or my mom would not be here right now.

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