Spread the Christmas Spirit to All Nations!

That’s the tag line of the radio station where i’m working at. And that reminds me how cheerful every Christmas is.

Hmm, it is true. The spirit of Christmas is coming since the 1st Desember. I believe that there are so many things will be done in this Christmas. 🙂 And, i don’t know why, I feel that there’s something great that i will received. I don’t know what it is, but i feel that.

Christmas also reminds me when my sunday school friends and i were doing great things together in our childhood. The best moment ever. And i miss that moment now. The joy we felt was like we wouldn’t have it anymore. You know, we spent that time with no worry of the time. From morning to morning we played together and celebrated Christmas in fun.

But now we are separated. We live in different places and lives. Sometimes i feel that i want to feel it again. Haha.. But show must go on, right?

Now, that i really want to do, after i pass this Christmas, i wanna be a better girl. No, i was wrong. An extraordinary girl.
And i pray that everyone has the same Christmas wishes too.
(P.S. I hope i can feel Christmas in Winter soon. hehe)
In the Name of Jesus Christ i pray. Amen. 😀

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