An Old Man

Last night, my family and i were going to an early Christmas service in a place nearby my office. It was raining. And cold.
Actually, i felt a little bit angry. I just got back from college and i had to attend this service with all the tired body and mind. Also hungry. But, God reminded me to be cool. Press down this bad feeling. Then I did.
After we arrived to the place, i saw something that made my heart shiver. I saw an old man wearing a raincoat and was standing under a tree and his old bicycle while the rain was still falling. I also saw the smile on his face that expressed his happiness to attend this service.
I said to my family,”What a pity! How could he stand there without no complain?”
And my family agreed to my statement.
Then my dad went outside from the car,bringing an umbrella and accompanied the old man.
Yes, the house was not opened yet. So that was why the old man stood under the rain.
Then my mom call someone that brought the key and told to open the house. And no longer after that, someone came and opened the house for us to come in.
And in the same time, God told me something. He told me to rejoice in doing His works. No matter how tired and hungry i am, or any other reason that made me moody in doing His works, i have to be glad. Because i serve the King of kings!
That day i learned the willingness of that old man to serve God, no matter what.
Thanks to Jesus Christ for this lesson 🙂

7 thoughts on “An Old Man

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