I Do Really Want It To Be True!

Well, I do have lots of desires.

This one is going abroad, or rather traveling around the world. But the places I want to visit most are USA, Australia, and London.

I just opened my Facebook and saw my high school friend who have gone to USA and now she’s about going there again for the second time!

Oh Lord… I want to cry, actually. I can’t do anything but pray. I have tried things like applying in an exchange program or international program, whatever it is, but it seems fail every time I try. Don’t know why.
One day, in a service, a priest came to me. He told me, “Don’t rush God. Don’t force Him. Don’t let Him angry to you. He’s still patient now.”

Oh…I know. It’s about this desire. Going abroad. It’s just, yeah, not in His time. He has a right time and perfect plan for me.

Don’t know when, I know and believe, You’ll grant me my desires, Lord Jesus. I don’t want to make You angry. I just want to please Your heart. Jesus, no matter what, no matter how, I always love You, obey You and do what You want me to do. Amen. 😀

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