My birthday is coming.

Having a birthday is what most people expect. I do too. It is coming. It will be 15 days from now.

Nevertheless, I don’t want a usual birthday — not that I want a glamorous or fun party for celebrating it, I just want something different. I ask God for a special thing, but I don’t mention what I want to Him. I will let Him make a surprise for me. I love surprises, FYI, especially those that come from Him. ^_^

The most important thing is that I want my life becomes more beautiful and useful than before. I am going on 22, but speaking frankly, I don’t even feel grown up. I still do some of my bad habits and I want to quit as soon as possible. I don’t want to be immature. I want to be the better Yohana Ekky when I turned 22.

I want everyone see Jesus Christ in me, which means I have to have His character in me. I want to learn more. I will never stop do. Only I need His help. I do need it.


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