Early: A Mere Word Causes Problems?

I found and am still finding people have problems with this mere word; early. They can’t wake up early, can’t finish assignments early, can’t start activities early, and so on and so forth.

There’s this girl I know, we have some same classes at the university, who never comes early. To be exact, she always comes late. Always. I’m wondering what’s in her mind exactly. Has she ever thought of disadvantages she might receive for what she always does? Or at least, won’t she be afraid of what the lecturers think about her and might expell her from the class whenever she comes late again someday?

There’s another, no, two girls I know who always refuse to have morning class. They and I have one same class. Once, we need to have make up class because we missed a class in the previous week. After some discussion, we only found a day which was possible for us to have a class and it was at 7 a.m. As usual they refused. Feeling annoyed and having no more options, I told them to beat their laziness only once. Then unwillingly they accepted.

I don’t know. How could people become so reluctant to open their eyes in early morning? How could people become so reluctant to use their body starting from the early morning?

As for me, as long as I can open my eyes and move my body, no disfunction in me, I will wake up early. You know what? To be able to open my eyes again in a brand new day is a gift from God! Why can’t just people realize this gift? Why do they moan for waking up early?

Whoever you are reading this, let me tell you. We can never know our time on which we’ll disappear from this world. Use your time effectively to do everything you need to do, even better, good deeds, so that you won’t be sorry when your time finally come in an unexpected day or hour.


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