Be Perfect? For Real, God?

“​You therefore must be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect.”

~ Matthew 5:48 ESV

Perfect? Becoming perfect? Do you think that’s possible?

We have heard that nothing is perfect in this world. We also have heard that no human can be perfect. However, God tells us to be perfect? Why?

See, to my opinion, there’s something to this verse. God has a purpose why He tells us so, because our God is a God of purpose. It’s never like, He just says it and nothing He does for us to make us able.

A couple days ago, my coworker delivered the devotion. She gave a wonderful analogy.

Once, in a class, a Mathematics teacher suddenly came in and told the students to get score above 80. One of the students, inside her heart said, “How can I get 80 if getting 50 is already impossible for me?” She didn’t know what to do until the teacher said, “I’m available for everyone who wants to study Mathematics.”

This student then decided to come to the teacher and asked for extra time study. She always came everyday after school and was willing to go home late only to get good score.

Time went by. Her hard work paid off. What was impossible for her then turned into possibility. She didn’t only get 80. She got the perfect score.

It’s just the same way with all of us. God willingly gives His time for His children to learn from Him and with Him how to be perfect. He never tells us something to do without giving us a way to do it.

Now that you have read this, I am praying that you understand and start coming to the Great Teacher to learn deeper. Last thing I want to say, you and I are going to be the way God wants us to be: Perfect.

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